Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthday Part 2

After Elephant Rocks we went to Johnson's Shut-ins. It was a TON of fun!
Here are the pictures!
Heading down the trail...

almost there!

After a while the trail turned into a board walk.

We made it!

No I'm not sitting on a waterfall it's a log!

This is where my dad would jump into the water when he was a kid! Approx. 50 foot drop from the top!! It was free then but now it costs $500 and ejection from the park (a little pricey for one jump)!

It was so beautiful!

It's a... Josiahhopper!  :D

The stick I'm holding was cut by a beaver!

We had a great time!!!

Next, Taum Sauk Trail and Mina Sauk Falls!!


  1. I love the Josiahhopper. So glad you had fun. It looks like a great way to spend a birthday! :)


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