Monday, April 23, 2012

Birthday Part 3

After Elephant Rock andJohnson's Shut-ins we hiked Taum Sauk trail to Mina Sauk Falls! It was a loooong hike!! But a lot of fun!

Ready to go!!


This is what the trail looked like at first.:(  The description had said to prepare yourselves for a rough and rugged climb. :P *we laughed*...

...until we saw this...

It got VERY rocky.

It's kinda hard to see in this picture but it was EXTREMELY rocky!!
After a while the canopy opened up.

About halfway down the trail we were rewarded with this spectacular view!

So beautiful!!

The rocks just kept getting bigger!!

We spotted these little flowers.

Like I said they didn't get any smaller.

Almost there!!

Finally at the highest waterfall Missouri Mina Sauk Falls. *sigh*

Dad climbed down to the bottom of the falls

Some parts of the trail had to be cut out of solid rock!!

We were both very tired and hungry once we were finished. But it was a lot of fun! 

P.S. In Birthday Part 2 I made a mistake. Where my dad jumped off it was not 30 feet it was 50!! 

Next, Lilac's Edge and "The Hollow Log"


  1. Josiah, love that place. We hiked that trail a few years ago. Did you stand on the highest peak in MO? I did. Got the pic for evidence. ;)

    Love your blog. Proud of you.

    1. Thanks! No I don't think we stood on the highest peak in MO... Where is it? :D

  2. It is on Taum Sauk. There is a little plaque that says you are standing on the highest point in MO. A whopping 1,770 feet. ;)

    1. Well if it's on Taum Sauk then we stood on it. :D


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